One Size Doesn't Fit All

We want to show that research, development, and innovation can no longer be created for the ‘universal’ man, who was and in many cases still is a representative of the male sex and the Europoid race.

Why is one size not enough?

Between 1997 and 2000, ten drugs were withdrawn from the US pharmaceutical market because of their life-threatening side effects. Eight of them posed a greater health risk to women than to men. In technology research the classification of people of smaller stature (in most cases women, but sometimes men too) as ‘atypical drivers’ has led to a higher mortality rate from car accidents among them.

Research, development, and innovation that do not take into account the diversity of their users produce erroneous results. We carry out training and awareness-raising activities on the gender dimension in research and innovation. Through actions aimed at the research community and a more broadly focused campaign for the general public, we showcase how people and the research benefit from incorporating a gender perspective in this area.

In what areas is one size not enough?

Urbanism and transport

Information and communication technologies



Social science and humanities


Environment and climate