Advancing gender equality in Czech research to achieve institutional changes.

The Centre for Gender and Science (NKC) is a specialised centre that focuses on advancing gender equality in research and on supporting gender equality in research and higher education institutions and in the research policies formulated by public administration and the government.
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Brunch for International Women in Czech Science with Mariya Shamzhy

14 June 2023, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Campus Hybernská, Hybernská 4, Prague We would like to invite you to our very first Brunch for International Women in Science, which we decided to organize in cooperation with Hyb4City. Our invitation was accepted by Mgr. Mariya Shamzhy, Ph.D., winner of the Neuron 2022 Award for promising scientists, who will be a guest speaker at this event. We aimed to select an inspiring person who has...

Maria Rodó-Zárate: Geographies of Intersectionality

When: 13. 12. 2022 at 5 pm CET Where: online Registration: here This online workshop is part of a series of guest workshops organised by the Centre for Gender and Science (Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences) given by international experts intended to mainstream gender dimension in research and bring best practices and interesting examples into the Czech scientific context. The primary target groups are experts and scientists within the particular field....


Deboleena Roy: Gendering Scientific Research

7. 12. 16:00 – 18:00/ Zoom Workshop for the scientific community on the gender dimension in research. Online workshop of an American neuroscientist Deboleena Roy, which is part of educational activities of Centre for Gender and Science focusing on gender dimension in research. Abstract: From tracing the historical development of modern-day scientific culture and practices, to evaluating the presence of women in scientific careers, and to further producing epistemological and methodological critiques of scientific research,...

Czech Presidency conference Ending gender-based violence in academia

We are organising a conference Ending gender-based violence in academia: Toward gender-equal, safe and inclusive research and higher education within the framework of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. The conference will take place on 24 and 25 November 2022 in Prague, with the possibility of remote attendance.  It will bring together (among others) representatives of student organisations, national authorities, Research Funding Organisations, Research Performing Organisations and other relevant stakeholders in order...

Gender And Institutional Change

We help Czech research and higher education institutions with the formulation and implementation of every aspect of their Gender Equality Plans. We also help and advise Czech institutions on the gender-related requirements of Horizon Europe.

Plány genderové rovnosti
Plány genderové rovnosti

One Size Doesn't Fit All

We carry out training and awareness-raising activities on the gender aspects of research and innovation. Through actions focused on the research community and a more broadly focused campaign aimed at the general public, we showcase how people and research benefit from incorporating a gender perspective in this area


A Safe and Respectful Academic Environment

Gender-based violence, which includes sexual harassment, is a serious problem that negatively affect the academic and research environment. Our work seeks to effectively address and prevent gender-based violence and create a safe environment for all.

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The Milada Paulová Award

The Milada Paulová Award is conferred annually by the Czech Minister of Education, Youth and Sports in cooperation with the Centre for Gender and Science to recognise prominent Czech women researchers for their lifelong contribution to their academic field.