2° edition: Gender Equality Academy starts in September – REGISTER NOW!

Domů 2° edition: Gender Equality Academy starts in September – REGISTER NOW!

GENDER EQUALITY PLANS IN PRACTICΕ: Towards sound and sustainable institutional change processes in research organizations.

Join the Distributed Open Collaborative Course of the Gender Equality Academy in its highly interactive formats. Take the chance to learn from and exchange with experts and peers via an online e-learning platform. 7 mini-courses distilling among the best lessons of the GE Academy program, to learn at your own pace over 2 months, test your knowledge through specific assignments, get a certificate of attendance at the end

REGISTRATIONS: https://ge-academy-docc.eu/

Course outline:

Who is it for?
  • Gender Equality Plan (GEP) team members in academic/research institutions
  • Researchers
  • Human Resources officers in academic/research institutions
  • Gender equality officers / focal persons; Equality / diversity officers in academic/research institutions
  • Middle managers aiming to start the path towards institutional change
  • Gender experts and trainers, organizational change consultants working with and for research organizations
Course features
  • Free-browsing course curriculum divided in 7 thematic mini courses
  • Accessible video-lectures
  • Quizzes and assignment to monitor you learning
  • Live lessons
  • Forum for peer-to-peer exchanges and networking
  • Mobile optimization
  • Certificate of attendance