2016 Monitoring Report on Position of Women in Science

Domů 2016 Monitoring Report on Position of Women in Science

The latest 2016 Monitoring Report shows the same trends as our previous reports.

  • Research fails to use the potential of highly qualified women.
  • While the percentage of women increases in all levels of study. The share of women displays a stable decreasing trend, with the number in 2016 being the lowest since the start of the monitoring in 2000.Women made up 30.3 % of all positions in research and development in 2016.
  • International comparison places the Czech Republic among EU countries with the lowest share of women in research positions.
  • Women in STEM are under-represented at all levels of their academic and professional careers from the graduate level on. Their dropout among doctoral and postdoctoral researchers is more intense than in other fields.
  • Gender pay gaps were observed at all levels of the academic career.
  • Decision making in science is still dominated by men.

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