Online Training Gender in Research Weeks

The project GE Academy, which aims to develop and implement a high-quality capacity-building programme on gender equality in research, innovation and higher education, is planning online training sessions, Gender in Research Weeks. During Spring 2021, Gender in Research Weeks will aim to increase the skills of those who are implementing measures towards gender equality in their institutions (management, administrators, HR managers, academic staff etc.). If you belong among them, or if you are simply interested to know more on gender, you are welcome to join.

The links for registering in those events can be found here: or here:

* 4 March | Introductory online training on the sex and gender
* 18 March | Gender dimension in research: 4 Case Studies from the STEM [5]
* 23 March | Sex and gender dimensions in research: Health & Medicine:
* 25 March | Sex and gender dimension in research: Mobility:
* 15 April | Developing Gender Sensitivity in Human Computer Interaction Research:
* 22 April | Sex and gender dimension in research: Robotics: [9]