IDWGS 2021: Help us #SpeedUpChange

Domů IDWGS 2021: Help us #SpeedUpChange

On 11 February we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with the aim to increase the visibility of the importance of interventions of national/regional governments, state and/or local administration bodies in achieving gender equality in research and innovation.

Join our GENDERACTION Twitter campaign and help us make a difference! Share your ideas between 8 and 12 February 2021 about what national authorities should do to support gender equality in research and innovation. Feel free to praise (or thank for) what has been already achieved and/or suggest what you think would be helpful in the future. Tag ministries, governments, governmental bodies and organisations, persons in decision-making positions of responsible institutions. Use English and/or your local language. Use the hashtag #SpeedUpChange (and others such as #IWDGS #UnionOfEquality). And do not hesitate to share this call!

You can use our PPT template (Max. 500 characters including spaces, size 30/28 are recommended). Download here.

Guiding questions to answer:

  • What should your national/local government (body)/minister do to support the implementation of gender equality plans and structural change in your country?
  • What kind of measures or interventions would help in speeding up achieving gender equality in research and innovation in your country?

Examples of desired formulations:

  • To #SpeedUpChange for gender equality in research, in GENDERACTION, we would welcome the EU Member States governments to support national networks in sharing practices and experiences of implementation of gender equality plans in research performing and research funding organisations.
  • At the Center for Gender & Science, we think that the Czech government should introduce funding for research performing organisations to implement gender equality plans to #SpeedUpChange for gender equality in science as soon as possible.
  • I ask our Council for Research, Development and Innovation to strengthen the importance of gender equality in the evaluation of research performing organisations to #SpeedUpChange.

Governmental and state/local administration organisations, research funding bodies and their representatives are welcome to join too! Share your achievements with us and your plans for future interventions to support gender equality and speed up the change.

Examples of desired formulations:

  • To #SpeedUpChange for gender equality in science, the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports adopted, among other things, rules for gender equality in research evaluation bodies and introduced training on gender bias.
  • At the Department of Equality of Men and Women of the Office of Government, we designed a comprehensive gender equality strategy that includes a lot of important measures in the area of research and innovation to #SpeedUpChange.

We look forward to hearing from you on Twitter between 8 and 12 February under #SpeedUpChange!

The campaign is organised by GENDERACTION and GEARING-Roles.
Feel free to contact Hana Tenglerová if you need any further information.