Institutional Development: GE in Research Organizations

Domů Institutional Development: GE in Research Organizations

To our great satisfaction, Czech higher education and research institutions are increasingly applying for the HR Award, and the interest in gender equality actions has been growing as well. In 2019, the Working Group for Change, operated by our Centre, expanded both in the number of researchers and HR managers. The group brings together people who are actively involved in the systematic promotion of gender equality in their institution, or who wish to start implementing cultural and institutional change projects. In the past six months, we organized four workshops focused on the role of HR in promoting gender equality, gender sensitive communication, gender dimension in research, development and innovation content, and the gender pay gap in the academic sphere. They were attended by people from HR departments, the Rector’s Office and the management of institutions, project centers, as well as people from the private sector and students. Members of the group have the opportunity to share their practical experience, develop their (gender) expertise and competencies, and receive practical advice and inspiration. We were also happy to receive invitations from cooperating universities, to talk for example about “Gender as an integral part of the HR AWARD Action Plan” at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

As part of our activities, we also invited Dr. Bente Knoll, an Austrian expert on urban planning. Her lecture “Public Space Without Barriers” focused on gender dimensions of urbanism and an intersectional approach to urban planning and public space. For those who could not attend the lecture, we made a record that you can watch at our YT channel.