• Gender sociology of institutions
  • Transformations of the academic environment and research in contemporary societies
  • The combination of professional and private lives
  • The launch of the academic career path: mobility and job precarity
  • Research assessment and excellence from a gender perspective
  • Sexual harassment in higher education
  • Critical analysis and the formation of policies of equal opportunities in science and research in the Czech Republic


Analysis of barriers and strategy promoting gender (2017–2018)

The project will analyse the position of women and men researchers in the Czech public research sector and prepare a strategy to advance gender equality in research. The project entails a large-scale research study into problems, challenges and potential of the Czech public research revolving around four pillars:

  • A representative survey focused on various aspects of career paths in research and in academia, changing working conditions, impacts of research policies and the gendered outcomes of these changes;
  • A qualitative study focused on an in-depth analysis of more subtle aspects of the academic culture, research practice and academic paths in various disciplines and types of research institutions;
  • Interviews with stakeholders in decision-making positions in research and innovation and their opinions and attitudes toward advancing gender equality in research and innovation and concrete instruments and actions;
  • A study of foreign experience and practices as regards human resources development and gender equality advancement in research at the level of national authorities, key research and innovation stakeholders and institutions, and an analysis of the transferability of these policies and practices in the Czech content.

The project runs between 2017 and 2018 and is funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund, Operational Programme Employment.

The Centre for Gender and Science is also a member of the RINGS (International Research Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies).