Resistances to change: Change the resistances!

Domů Resistances to change: Change the resistances!

Join the workshop by Anita Thaler (IFZ, Austria) & Jennifer Dahmen-Adkins (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) organised by the Center for Gender and Science and planned for August 24.

The workshop aims at reflecting personal experiences of resistance to organisational change during the implementation of gender equality plans (GEPs). Anita and Jennifer have rich experience with work towards gender equality in science and research and have implemented GEPs in research-performing organisations within the GenderTime project. They now work on co-creation of knowledge in the CHANGE project.

The guiding principle of the workshop is the assumption that each country, organisation, and person has a specific background, which is considered in co-producing new knowledge about gender equality. The participants will receive a document beforehand to classify their own experiences of resistance. With these examples and the rich knowledge based on previous and on-going sister projects, scopes of action will be reflected.

Although the workshop will be held online, it is designed as a safe space for participants and moderators: slides and material will be made available, however the workshop itself will be organised as a closed event for registered participants only, to enable an environment of trust and openness. You can sign up HERE by 10/08/2020.