Our Services

An e-learning course

Gender Equality in the Institution and Gender Equality Plans is an e-learning course that is mainly intended for people responsible for gender equality and human resources management at the institution they work for.


The course currently contains six modules and covers the following topics:

  • Equality policies
  • The situation in Czech research and higher education
  • Gender equality in Horizon Europe
  • Basic concepts and terms
  • Gender Equality Plans
  • Thematic sections of Gender Equality Plans



We offer consultation on various issues related to the development of Gender Equality Plans and their implementation and evaluation, as well as on questions about gender equality in the institution in general. 


In-house lectures and workshops

We currently offer workshops and in-house training on the following topics:

  • Gender-sensitive communication
  • Equal opportunities in research and higher education
  • Sexual harassment and gender-based violence

All of our lectures and workshops are tailored to the needs of the particular institution or organisation.