Scientists working outside of academia, Fullbright and combining family and academic career. Informal event for (post)docs is coming soon

Under our mentoring program for beginner scientists we are holding the annual Alumni event for current and former mentees. However, it is also open for those who are yet to join the program. We would like to invite you to this event with this exciting program.

There will be three panels with TED talks and discussion. We are going to talk about academic mobility, specifically about our mentee’s experiences with the Fullbright scholarship, with combining academic work and family life and in the end we will have a discussion with experienced scientists about their career in different working fields. Our guests will share their views on different specifics of individual fields and they will compare what they like or dislike and why.

“Our invitation was also accepted by Hedvika Kadlecová the L’Oreal UNESCO price holder for women in science who is going to discuss her comeback to theoretical physics. Therefore, we will not only discuss leaving the academia but also coming back and combining scientific work with career outside of this field.  This event is great for everyone who considers her/his options after PhD.” Says the program assistant Kateřina Maršálková.

This event will be held on Saturday, September 28th in Akademické konferenční centrum Husova, 4a. If you are interested please sign up for the event via this form:

We are looking forward to see you!